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Dentures in Pickering

Dentures are used for patients who have lost all the teeth in a row, or who have lost one or more individual teeth. They restore the function and appearance of natural teeth, plus they prevent the “sunken” look that can result when you are missing multiple teeth. Modern dentures look natural and fit securely and comfortably so they won’t interfere with your life.

Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures.

Full dentures are used to restore the teeth in a single row. They restore the function and appearance of your smile and the shape of your cheeks and lower face.

Partial dentures restore one or more individual missing teeth.

Both types of dentures are designed to be stable and secure while they’re being worn. For an added level of security, implant-supported dentures are available. These dentures are permanently mounted to dental implants placed in your jaws.

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