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Sports Guards and Night (bite) Appliances </li>

It’s important to protect your mouth from injury. Two common causes for damage to the teeth are sports injuries and nighttime grinding. Custom made sports guards and bite appliances prevent this damage, and they are designed to fit your mouth comfortably.

Bite Appliances

Bruxism, or nighttime grinding, can cause chronic jaw pain, misaligned teeth, and damage to the enamel of your teeth. A bite appliance fits over your teeth and keeps your jaws from moving while you sleep.

Sports Guards

Sport guards protect your mouth from injury while you play sports. While guards are vital for high-impact sports like hockey, any sport has the potential for impact to your jaw. The guard absorbs the force of the impact and protects your teeth. Our custom-made guards fit comfortably and securely without slipping or shifting while you play.

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