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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Pickering

The wisdom teeth are molars that typically begin to erupt during the late teens to early adulthood, which is where they get their name. While it’s possible that wisdom teeth will not need to be removed, for many people they can cause complications when they begin to grow. The teeth can fail to erupt and impact or misalign nearby teeth, or they can cause a risk of crowding. When we determine that the wisdom teeth are going to cause problems, we recommend that they be removed.

The wisdom teeth are normally extracted before they erupt through the gums. This requires a surgical procedure where incisions are made in the gums above the teeth, and the teeth are removed. Once the procedure is over, we close the incisions with sutures.

After the procedure, your dentist will provide you with advice for post-surgical care.

A dental examination can determine if the wisdom teeth need to be removed. Contact our office to book an appointment.

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