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Full Mouth Restoration in Pickering

Full mouth restoration is a family of treatments that we use for patients who have multiple dental health issues. The treatment consists of a combination of different procedures, depending on individual needs, with the ultimate goal of restoring the patient’s overall dental health. Treatments may include:

  • Periodontal therapy to address issues affecting the gums.

  • Root canal treatments to repair teeth that have been damaged and are at risk of infection.

  • Veneers to cover the visible surface of damaged teeth to improve their appearance.

  • Dental bridges to replace missing teeth.

  • Dental crowns to restore a chipped or cracked tooth.

  • Implants to restore missing teeth or support bridges and dentures.

Each patient has their own needs and circumstances, so the treatment will be tailored to their individual needs. Full mouth restoration is usually a long-term treatment that takes place over several appointments.

To discuss whether you may be a candidate for full mouth restoration, call our office today.

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